Joint Parish Register

Following on from experience during the pandemic and Synod questionnaire comments, the 2 parishes have realised we need to improve our communications in all forms, paper and electronic.  Both parishes had out of date parish registers with lists of emails, phone numbers and addresses held informally by several people who relied on their personal experience to know who needed to have been contacted while unable to attend Mass.

We concluded that we need to adopt modern communication tools and improve our compliance with data protection regulations.   We need to know what messages need to be sent, who needs to receive them, and how those people want to receive them.

We are using ChurchSuite, a communication management tool specifically built for churches, to manage our register of parishioners and their communication preferences and to ensure our compliance with the General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR).

Privacy Notice

Your personal data, names, addresses and contact details, will be stored on a secure server and will only be used in accordance with your wishes to communicate with you about your Parish.  We will not pass your data onto any third party (other than ChurchSuite) or use it for any other purpose.  The Parishes are bound by the Clifton Diocese Privacy Notice, the full version of which is available online.

Registration Form (Over 18 only)