2022 Financial Report

Canon and Charity law require the parish to publish an annual financial report to its donors and benefactors.  The following report covers the period 1 Jan 22 to 31 Dec 22 (the calendar year).

Income 2023

Parish Income 2022 Compared to the Previous Year


Expenditure 2022

Parish Expenditure 2022 Compared to the Previous Year

Comments Including Explanation of Variance from the Previous Year

This is the first year in which the parish accounts have been maintained on the standard Diocesan accounting software package.  as a result the attribution of income and expenditure to the chart of accounts may not be directly comparable.  This is the first full year with a shared Parish Priest and, for part of the year, a paid parish administrator.


2022 income was £32,023 less than the previous year.   The difference is partially attributed to 2021 figures including:

  • £15,036 investment income. The investment income for 2022 has yet to be distributed by the Diocese.  We anticipate a similar investment income of around £15,000
  • £8,000 memorial donation for Canon Millett

The underlying reduction in income in 2022 compared to the previous year is £8,987 which is mainly due to a reduction in offertory income, possibly as a result of a reduction in the number of masses due to communion with Corsham.  Mass fees etc are now now paid direct to the Parish Priest.


2022 expenditure was £13,299 more than the previous year.  The significant differences were:

  • £12,500 Parish in Communion contribution to St Patricks. Corsham.  The previous year only contained 3 months of the Parish in Communion Payments There were compensating reductions in clergy support and other costs which had previously been paid by the Parish and are now shared with Corsham.
  • Employment costs have increased by £2,000 as a result of the removal of the housekeeper post and establishment of the parish administrator (part year only).
  • Building works included £4,900 for drainage survey and repairs.
  • £1,000 was spent on the purchase and set up of credit/debit card readers, fundraising costs
  • Clergy support costs were reduced by £3.5k. The previous year costs only covered half of the year and this year’s costs are included as part of the Parish in Communion payments to Corsham.  The stipend rates have increased year on year but are now shared between the 2 parishes.